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How To Prepare For A Wedding Venue Site Visit

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

Wedding Reception at The King and Prince

Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming. Add to that the fact that most brides who are planning their big day have no experience, and it can make for some major issues on the wedding day. We asked our experts for their tips on questions brides need to ask on a site visit and here is their advice:

When you go to your site visit, be prepared! Have your questions written out ahead of time and bring a pen and paper so you can write down answers and take notes. Also, don’t be afraid to snap some photos of the space. When you are looking at multiple venues, you can forget details about a location or size of a room. Photos can also help when you are planning the layout of the reception space and decor.

A simple question that brides often forget to ask is: How many hours are included in the rental? Also, once you decide on a venue, this information should be in the contract.

Are there restrictions on alcohol, volume or decor? Remember that based on location, each spot may have different restrictions for alcohol and noise/volume of music for a late night reception. The last thing you want is for the DJ or band to have to quiet down because neighbors are complaining of loud music when there is a noise ordinance in place.

Many historic buildings will have restrictions on decor. Make sure you are able to hang lights from the ceiling or hang flowers/decor from the chandeliers. Another thing to keep in mind is that you may want to think a little about decor before you choose a reception venue for this exact reason.

What is included in the site fee? Does the fee only cover rental of the event space or does it include set up and clean up from their staff? Does the fee include any equipment? Make sure it is all written out in your contract.

Where are the parking facilities and is there a fee?

Where are the restrooms located and where are they located in reference to the event space? This is especially important if you have anyone with mobility issues attending your wedding.

If you want candles at your reception, make sure the event space allows for candles. 

Our final words of wisdom: Remember that the more information you have, the better. Always, always, always bring someone with you when you are scouting a place out. Often times, you will forget to ask certain questions or may overlook an issue with the space that your friend/mother/fiancee may catch. Once you decide on a reception venue and you are ready to sign the contract, make sure you are comfortable with everything that is in the contract. If you are not, ask for them to revise it until you are satisfied and comfortable with the terms.