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Blissful Brides + Their Oceanfront Wedding Reviews

Monday, February 15th, 2021

Our goal is to help make planning easier by putting some of our most glowing oceanfront wedding reviews all in one place for you!

Let Their Advice Help Guide You

Think about it: most of our decisions are made with at least a little research. And more important than research is word of mouth, we all agree it goes a long way. Why wouldn’t that sentiment apply when planning one of the most special days of our lives? Especially if you’re considering a destination wedding.

Of course, it does, which is why we have rounded up what our most recent brides and their families have said about their wedding experiences at The King and Prince Resort. Keep reading for our gallery of oceanfront wedding reviews! (Tip, if you can’t read the entire review, click on the individual photo to enlarge it.)

Oceanfront Wedding Reviews

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(Beach couple photo courtesy of Isaac + Amanda Photography.)

Oceanfront wedding reviews to help make planning easy at The King and Prince Resort.

About The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

A seaside haven for happy couples and their guests.

Forever begins with the day beyond every dream, thanks to The King and Prince Resort on beautiful St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Breathtaking oceanfront backdrops and historic venues with panoramic views provide creative possibilities for every couple’s dream day, from simple to elaborate luxury. The wedding professionals are there to help you fulfill those dreams, with a variety of outstanding choices for the entire bridal party.

This historic oceanfront resort exudes Southern hospitality.  Choose from a variety of accommodations, from oceanfront rooms to villas and resort residences. Enjoy dining and drinks at ECHO, the island’s only oceanfront restaurant.

The charm and elegance of the King and Prince Resort, along with the impeccable service, will certainly make a memorable event for you and your guests – and allow you to concentrate on what really matters – your future together.

As one recent bride states, “Our wedding was beyond our expectations, from the food to the honeymoon! The staff at the King and Prince will make you feel like royalty. (The wedding catering managers) are so experienced and really love what they do- believe me, it shows!

I will never forget how the Delegal room looked when we entered our reception. It was like a dream! People still tell us how much fun they had at our wedding- and that is exactly what we wanted! I am so very pleased that we chose this romantic and beautiful hotel as the setting for our special day.”

Located on St. Simons Island, Georgia, and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort is the winner of 10 consecutive TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards and a member of Historic Hotels of America. Since 1935, the resort has welcomed locals and vacationers with southern hospitality.

In addition to a variety of accommodations, the resort is the home of ECHO, serving southern coastal cuisine in a relaxed, oceanfront atmosphere. Other amenities include the King and Prince Golf Course, Home of the Hampton Club, and The Cottage Custard + Coffee, coming 2021. (; @kingandprince)

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Learn everything and more about the King and Prince Resort — from Island Activities to the dining menus + restaurant specials at ECHO. Explore an overview using our Resort Map or dive into the details with our Wedding FAQs or peruse galleries from other King and Prince Couples.

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How To Prepare For A Wedding Venue Site Visit

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

Wedding Reception at The King and Prince

Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming. Add to that the fact that most brides who are planning their big day have no experience, and it can make for some major issues on the wedding day. We asked our experts for their tips on questions brides need to ask on a site visit and here is their advice:

When you go to your site visit, be prepared! Have your questions written out ahead of time and bring a pen and paper so you can write down answers and take notes. Also, don’t be afraid to snap some photos of the space. When you are looking at multiple venues, you can forget details about a location or size of a room. Photos can also help when you are planning the layout of the reception space and decor.

A simple question that brides often forget to ask is: How many hours are included in the rental? Also, once you decide on a venue, this information should be in the contract.

Are there restrictions on alcohol, volume or decor? Remember that based on location, each spot may have different restrictions for alcohol and noise/volume of music for a late night reception. The last thing you want is for the DJ or band to have to quiet down because neighbors are complaining of loud music when there is a noise ordinance in place.

Many historic buildings will have restrictions on decor. Make sure you are able to hang lights from the ceiling or hang flowers/decor from the chandeliers. Another thing to keep in mind is that you may want to think a little about decor before you choose a reception venue for this exact reason.

What is included in the site fee? Does the fee only cover rental of the event space or does it include set up and clean up from their staff? Does the fee include any equipment? Make sure it is all written out in your contract.

Where are the parking facilities and is there a fee?

Where are the restrooms located and where are they located in reference to the event space? This is especially important if you have anyone with mobility issues attending your wedding.

If you want candles at your reception, make sure the event space allows for candles. 

Our final words of wisdom: Remember that the more information you have, the better. Always, always, always bring someone with you when you are scouting a place out. Often times, you will forget to ask certain questions or may overlook an issue with the space that your friend/mother/fiancee may catch. Once you decide on a reception venue and you are ready to sign the contract, make sure you are comfortable with everything that is in the contract. If you are not, ask for them to revise it until you are satisfied and comfortable with the terms.

5 Wedding Tips That People Often Forget

Monday, April 27th, 2015
Pixel Pop Photography


Sometimes it seems like the moment you say “yes” everyone starts throwing questions and tips at you and it never seems to stop! Planning a wedding can be both memorable and stressful and there are a million things that you need to remember to do. Here is our list of the top 5 things many brides forget to do when planning their wedding.

5. Set up a wedding website- It may sound cheesy, but if you set up a simple (and easy to make) wedding site, you can direct people there if they have questions about your registry, need directions to the church, etc. It really can save your sanity and it’s such a simple solution!

4. Reserve a block or rooms at a hotel for your guests- Even if most of your guests are local, it is always a good idea to set up a block of rooms at more than one hotel. If you are having your reception at a resort, be sure to set up a block of rooms there as well so your guests have the option to take the elevator home. Usually, hotels will not charge you to set aside a few rooms for your guests which means there is no extra cost to you for this convenience.

3. Designate someone to be responsible for your “belongings” the day of your wedding- Believe us when we say that you will have a million different things on your mind on your wedding day. Make sure to designate the maid of honor or another friend to look after your things. She can keep your cell phone, lipstick and anything else you may need safe and close by for when you need it….without you having to carry it around or worry about it.

2. Break in your wedding shoes- There is nothing worse than wearing brand new shoes for 5+ hours straight! Break your shoes in by wearing them around the house during the last few weeks before your wedding. Your feet will thank us later.

1. Be present on your wedding day- With so much going on during your wedding day, it is so easy for everything to become a blur. This is your “once in a lifetime” wedding! Don’t let this day pass you by without you remembering most of it due to stress. Remember to take a little time for you and later on with your husband as well. Remember to be in the moment and enjoy every moment of this special day. There will be plenty of photographs but those wonderful memories last so much longer.

Meet Our Wedding Catering Manager: Allyson Moline

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

One of the newer faces at The King and Prince, Allyson Moline has many years of wedding and event planning under her belt and brings a fresh perspective on weddings at our resort. We asked her a few questions to get her perspective on wedding planning and tips:

What makes The King and Prince & St. Simons Island a unique location for weddings? St. Simons Island has a small town charm that is hard to match and is very romantic. The King and Prince is the perfect touch of elegance and class to complement that charm. It is something that you and your guests will always remember.

What is your favorite location at the resort for a wedding? I love receptions in the Retreat Room. I think that the room has the best views on the island!

Do you have a specific spot where you recommend the bride and groom take a photo together? I love photos in front of our historic entrance.

What advice would you give to a bride in regards to planning a wedding? Book your wedding at The King and Prince! And as a general rule for event planning, always choose quality over quantity.

One tip for newlyweds from Allyson as they begin their new life together: In every argument, make a real effort to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and try to understand where they are coming from. Also, don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong!

Meet Our Wedding Catering Managers
Allyson on her wedding day!

Meet Our Wedding Catering Manager: Scarlett Starr

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Wedding Catering Manager Scarlett Starr has worked at The King and Prince for 8 years. During that time, she has assisted many brides with planning their special day. We recently sat down with her for an interview about weddings at The King and Prince.

What makes The King and Prince & St. Simons Island a unique location for weddings? “The area is full of amazing history and southern charm. Whether you are a history buff or you envision your special day under the moss covered oak trees or at a historical landmark, our setting is magical and promises not to disappoint. The seclusion that is felt while being surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and coastal marshes is quaint and romantic and truly memorable.”

What is your favorite location at the resort for a wedding? “My favorite location is the resort lawn at high tide when the waves are literally breaking on the walkway just steps away from where the vows are being spoken. My favorite location for a reception is the Delegal Room which we frequently use in conjunction with the lawn. The two locations make for a perfect event!”

Do you have a specific spot where you recommend the bride and groom take a photo together? “I love the photos that are taken from the Retreat Room. The second level view is breathtaking and provides a unique vantage point for photographers when photographing the couple in front of the 180 degree view of the Atlantic Ocean.”

What advice would you give to a bride in regards to planning a wedding? “I would encourage our couples to hire vendors that they have complete confidence in, and then try their best to leave the job in the vendor’s hands. There is so much stress associated with that area of the planning process and a simple remedy is to turn it over to someone else. When you pay a vendor, you are paying for a service and not just for a product. The vendors truly do have the expertise to guide you appropriately. So, I would say to hire your vendors and then let them do their jobs. I truly believe that is one of the most important things to remember.”

One tip for newlyweds from Scarlett as they begin their new life together: “A marriage is a unit so always remember to consider your mate’s thoughts and feelings and know that compromise is a beautiful thing. As individuals who are selfish by nature, it takes work to consciously put your spouse first. If two people are putting each other first, it has to produce good things.”

Meet our wedding catering managers
Scarlett on her wedding day!