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“St. Simons Still Has It”- A Review from

Friday, June 11th, 2010

I grew up coming to St. Simons Island every year. My family would stay at the K&P or at a condo next to the pier each year. However, the last 12 years we have been going to Destin for our American beach trips. Well, like many of us, that was canceled due to the oil spill. The K&P hotel was just as I remembered it. The pool area and pool food were great. The room was nice with the best views you find on SSI. The of the hotel is ideal.

The quaintness of the island and village were pleasant and relaxing. So different from the commercialized Destin, and Panama City strung up and down the pan-handle that I have grown accustomed too. You sacrifice the clear blue water but you get a better island and better shops and better eating. The waves were a nice change. You just have to get the tide schedule down. I enjoyed the tides b/c it gives you a view that is always changing.

Not the best place for spring breakers but a great place for couples and families.

-written by ramblinman79 from Winder,GA

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Snapshot from St. Simons Island

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010


I took this photo over by the Pier at Sunset. What a beautiful time of the day!