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The ABC’s of St. Simons Island, Part 4

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Sailing on St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island has so much to offer and we want to share it with you! Click the links to view The ABC’s of St. Simons Island Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.

R. Redfern Village– A shoppers and foodie’s paradise, Redfern has lots to offer. From restaurants to shops and art galleries, you could spend an entire day exploring this small corner of the island. Some of our favorites for shopping are: Viola’s Market, Two Friends and Golden Isles Olive Oil. For delicious eats be sure to check out Bubba Garcia’s and Gnat’s Landing.

S. Sailing– The best way to experience the island is from the water! Barry’s Beach Service rents out Hobie Cat sailboats from East Beach. Spend a day on the water and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

T. Tours– From trolley tours to history tours to ghost tours, you’ll find a tour for whatever your interest may be. Lighthouse Trolleys offers a variety of tours throughout the year ranging from history to water tours and even a foodie tour! If you are looking for something a little scary, Ghost Walk of St. Simons has you covered.

U. Undiscovered– There are undiscovered treasures and memories waiting around every corner of our beautiful Southern island. It doesn’t take much to start collecting them once you arrive!

V. The Village– The heart of the island lies in the village. You will find a lovely waterfront park and pier as well as many independent shops and lots of restaurants. Throughout the year, the village plays host to many festivals and live music events.

Stay tuned for our next post as we finish up our ABC series!

Ships, Stars and Sea Creatures

Friday, July 19th, 2013

I’m standing at the rail of the spacious outdoor pool deck at Saint Simons Island’s King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort.  It’s nighttime.  The beach and sea are directly below, stirring gently back and forth in an ageless rhythm.  It’s a moonless night, so the stars are myriad, far more than we see in the city.

My reverie is interrupted, and my curiosity aroused by lights, white and red and green, off to the right and close into shore.  In the starlight I can make out the huge dark shadow of a ship, heading outbound and left, the sound of its engines carrying quietly to me on the breeze.

I hear a splash somewhere out there, a fish jumping from a predator deeper below. In the day, we’ll see the pod of dolphins that work

Dolphin off the Coast

this section of beach, a few hundred yards out, especially if some local fisherman anchors at Whitefish Hole, where the locals know to go. The dolphin often come by to supervise the action.

Some times of the year sea turtles come up on the beach at night to lay their eggs.  Beachfront properties are asked to keep their lights low to avoid the delicate process of beginning life.

It’s not unusual to see shooting stars.

We’ll be busy tomorrow.  The kids want to play tennis; easy – we’ll go to the courts right here at the resort.  They want to bike to the village, barely a mile away.  The bike rental shop is literally just a few steps from the entrance of the resort.  Then they’ll bike on the miles of beach stretching north to the historic Coast Guard Station.

In the morning I’ll take a long slow walk along the beach.  At low tide there’s an exposed sandbar a couple of hundred yards long.  When you walk out to the end you feel like you’ve reached the horizon where the sky meets the sea.

In the morning, we’ll sit in the King’s Tavern restaurant and look out over the ocean through the enormous Palladian windows, a view not available at any other restaurant on the island.

In the village we’ll all shop for souvenirs and art and antiques and watch local fisherman pull all manner of fish from the pier.  Chances are we’ll see another ship heading out from Brunswick, passing close enough nearly to touch.

Trolley Tour
Trolley Tour on St. Simons Island

During our stay, we’ll take a Ghost Tour, and an Historic Trolley Ride.  We’ll play at the water park, Neptune’s Park, in the village.  We’ll try the restaurants a block away from the resort and also down in the village, but likely not stray far from the King’s Tavern with its truly unique menu of both Low Country favorites and finest haute cuisine.

I take another deep draught of the salt sea air, and one last look at the stars.  The ship has turned right and is heading out to sea, its lights dwindling.  I turn to go back inside to our beautifully furnished villa and realize that as much as we do, as much fun as we’ll all have together during our stay here at the King and Prince; it’s all icing on the cake.  In just the last few minutes, I’ve already had the real vacation I came here for.  For a great get away, visit  King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort.