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Your Guide to St. Simons Island from Afar

Monday, March 30th, 2020

Times are tough right now as we’re currently living through history in the making. This is literally the modern “walk to school uphill in the snow, both ways”. Something nobody really imagined other than maybe epidemiologists or the creators of Outbreak. (Side note, just because it’s currently available for streaming on Netflix does NOT mean you should watch it if you’re looking to decompress.)

For the sake of our audience ranging both near (on St. Simons Island. Hey, Sara K.) and far (think Wisconsin. Hi, Evan K.), we have a range of suggestions of how to enjoy St. Simons while some of our favorite attractions aren’t accessible. (Current no-no list includes: the beach, the lighthouse, the WWII museum and the Pier.) We hope this list will help provide a temporary distraction, and maybe even a little calm, to your current daily routines.

Reminder: Do not leave your house if you think you’re sick, have been exposed to someone who is sick, or are medically at risk.

1. Enjoy our free beach cam. This one can definitely be accessed by anyone and doesn’t require leaving the house. Bonus points if you sit outside and stream to get the full(ish) effect.

2. Take a hike. Literally. If you’re local, you can enjoy places like Cannon’s Point Preserve by yourself or with your quarantine buddy (ie spouse, roommate, whomever has already existed in close proximity with you). Again, we reiterate that you should stay safe and give others a wide berth if you pass them on a trail. And bring bug spray. **Update 4/5/20: Cannon’s Point Preserve has been closed but other hiking oppotunities can be explored here or you can visit Cannon’s Point Preserve virtually here.**

3. The beaches may be closed, but the bike paths are not. And if you can’t be at the beach, biking offers you the chance to feel the salty island air whipping through your hair. Double duty if you’re missing the gym too. Several places on the island that rent bikes if you don’t have your own, but in this ever-changing climate, be sure to touch base by calling first.

4. Read a book! There are several books written by local authors or set in the Golden Isles. Eugenia Price’s trilogy doesn’t disappoint. Get visual with Island Time by Jingle Davis with photography by Ben Galland, or take a literary trolley tour with Larry Hobbs’ Coast TalesGJ Ford Bookstore has an entire local section and can help you choose a title. They’re also offering curbside service or pay by phone and have it shipped.

5. Do a takeout (our delivery) tour of the Golden Isles. Taste your favorites from home. Or play home chef by finding recipes from some of your favorites, like the Shrimp + Grits from ECHO, to recreate at home as a family activity! The local Chamber of Commerce has a running Facebook list on what the current takeout options here.

6. Golf is here fore you. Whether it’s been awhile, isn’t your thing or maybe you just need some practice, hitting the golf course is a great way to get fresh air while maintaining social distance. And if you visit The King and Prince Golf Course, you can enjoy the marsh breezes on the back 9.

7. Plan a future visit! Got the itch to travel but don’t feel like now is the time? We have plenty of resources on our activity pages or blogs to help you knock your next vacation out of the park.

Do you have any suggestions we should add to our list? We’d love to hear what crafty ideas we’re missing on how to enjoy St. Simons Island while keeping ourselves, and others, safe.

Explore St. Simons Island by Bike

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Many of our guests rent bikes while they are on the island-or even bring their own from home. Exploring the island by bike is a great way to get around during your stay or to explore the island just for a day. Ocean Motion bike shop sits right at the foot of The King and Prince Resort and they have many adult and children’s bike options available.


Route 1: The Marsh & East Beach

Georgia’s coastal marshland accounts for nearly 378,000 acres of land on the back side of the six barrier islands. The marsh behind East Beach is a wonderful area to view nature at its best. You will see fiddler crabs, shore birds such as egrets, sandpipers, gulls, oyster catchers and raccoons.

While riding through the East Beach neighborhood, you will see the quaint side of St. Simons Island.

The Route: Turn right onto Ocean Boulevard. You will stay on Ocean Boulevard for a little over a mile while you ride along the marsh. Then, turn right onto 15th Street in the East Beach neighborhood. 15th Street will dead-end into Bruce Drive. When you turn onto Bruce Drive you will be at Gould’s Inlet which is a nice place to watch the shore birds or relax on the beach (at low tide). Continue on Bruce Drive and then make a right onto 1st Street. You will then make a left back onto Ocean Boulevard to ride back to the hotel. (See map below)

Marsh & East Beach Bike Route


Route 2: Bike Ride to The Village

The pier and village area of St. Simons is the heart of the island. There is so much to see and do! This bike ride will take you partially along Beachview Drive which runs parallel to the ocean. Enjoy the sea breeze and look out for dolphins in the water along your bike ride. Once you reach the village, you will ride past the lighthouse and Neptune Park and into the heart of the village. There are several bike racks where you can leave your bike while you explore all of the shops and restaurants this area has to offer.

The Route: From the resort, make a left onto Beachview Drive. Beachview will dead-end and turn into 5th Street as you make a right turn. After you make the right, make a left onto Ocean Boulevard. Stay on Ocean Boulevard as you pass the elementary school and then make a left onto 7th Street. As you ride down 7th street, it will turn into Oglethorpe Avenue which will take you past the lighthouse and Neptune Park and finally into the village. (See map below)

Bike Ride to the Village


5 Must-Haves For a Great Beach Vacation

Monday, August 19th, 2013

After more than 20 years of planning and taking vacations, a few factors have emerged as keys to an unforgettable getaway. In our house, that means a trip to a beach like St. Simons Island, Ga.  Sure, we appreciate the grandeur of the mountains and an evening by the fire. But in the final analysis nothing seems to soothe the spirit quite like a few days by the ocean.  Here’s our family’s top five keys to a great vacation.


Sidney Lanier Bridge
Sidney Lanier Bridge

#1: Transition Time

It takes a while to decompress.  And we like to mark the miles on our way to the destination. So when we head to St. Simons and see the Sidney Lanier Bridge in the distance – we know it’s time to exhale. Crossing this bridge is the time on the trip where everybody gazes out the window and starts planning all the things they want to pack into the week. Kayaking, fishing, building sand castles. . .and of course all that exercise talk soon turns into talk of food and all the favorite haunts we plan to visit, like Iguana’s for fried shrimp (voted the island’s best many times!),  and The King’s Tavern at the King and Prince for their signature muffins.  The adults look forward to a frosty brew and a po-boy overflowing with fried oysters. All this anticipation makes the trip more fun. True we almost always run out of time before our “to do” list is crossed off, but it’s all part of the ritual.

umbrella and ocean
View of the Ocean from your lounge chair

#2: The Ocean

Ask almost anyone and they’ll tell you the same thing: the sound of the ocean is healing. The moment I step onto the sands of a beach and am in earshot of the rolling waves, I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. Even when the water is relatively still, the other sounds of the seaside instantly connect us to nature: sea gulls screaming, kids squealing with delight, and the wind gently flapping flags and kites alike.  The one thing you won’t hear on the beach at St. Simons is the annoying sounds of cars. Unlike Daytona and other Florida beaches, this beautiful strip of sand has a strict no-driving policy!

St. Simons Bike Trails
St. Simons Bike Trails

#3: Bikes
For anyone with a family, this is a no-brainer. Bikes solve a lot of problems. They give restless teens an easy way to navigate and explore their new neighborhood.  For otherwise sedentary adults, they provide a fun alternative to driving, and help us burn off a bit of the ice cream and other treats we’re bound to enjoy. But the ten and under set probably enjoys biking the most.  As nice as our neighborhood back home is, there are too many cars to make it a safe place for novice bikers. Plus, rent a teen a bike with a basket and you can save yourself a few trips to the local grocery.

Low Country Boil
Low Country Boil

#4: Seafood

What’s better than looking at the ocean? Enjoying what’s just been pulled out of it! Fresh from the docks shrimp on St. Simons is one of life’s simplest and best pleasures. The mild, flavorful taste shines through whether you’re peeling and eating or enjoying them fried, sautéed, swimming in garlic and olive oil. . .Wait, that was turning into a scene from Forrest Gump. Suffice it to say, there’s plenty of flavorful seafood on St. Simons Island. If you’re in the mood for a casual sandwich, unwrap and enjoy it on a bench downtown looking over the water. Or book a table for two for you and your honey and share some world class cuisine while you watch the sun set over the water at the King’s Tavern in The King and Prince Resort. These are the flavors that you’ll remember long after your sun tan fades.

#5: Surprises

The last part of a perfect vacation is what makes every trip unique: surprises. We always try to work in a new experience like crabbing, night fishing, or kayaking at sunrise. Trying new things reminds us that even through a trip may take us to familiar destination, our time there will be special each time. That’s certainly the case when we visit St. Simons.  Each visit is different. But each lives up to our family’s test for making every day we share truly the trip of a lifetime, over and over again.

The King and Prince Resort
The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort