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St. Simons Island – Patti Davis Blog Post #1

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Patti Davis blogs about her travels to St. Simons Island in 4 parts on Anatomy of a Dinner Party.  She has numerous pictures and wonderful descriptons.  Here is part 1.

St. Simons Island – Mayberry By The Sea

Written by Patti on April 11th, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

I would say that mine is a charmed life. That very fact was confirmed when I was invited to visit St. Simons Island for four days last week. In fact, it was so fantastic that I have deemed this to be St. Simons week on Anatomy of a Dinner Party!

Arriving after the five hour drive from Atlanta, I entered the lobby of The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort to the heady aroma of chlorine. Now that might sound funny to some, but to me that is the smell of childhood, of a spa, of… indoor pool right in the lobby! (Resort note:  The indoor pool was removed during the 2013-14 renovations) Just one of four pools the resort boasts.

I dropped my luggage in the room (oceanfront!) and donned my Wellies (it was a blustery day) for a trip on the island trolley with my 17 journalist companions for the next four days. Destination – The Coast Guard Maritime Museum.

046 Low Res
Oceanfront pools
Saint Simons Island Trolley
Miss Leigh, our host and Mr. Dick, our trolley driver
St Simons Island Museum
Coast Guard Maritime Museum

I loved hearing the history of this marvelous building and loved touring it even more. There are films to watch, quizzes to take and relics to pore over. Mr. Curt Smith was a wonderful host and guide and just knows everything about this treasure.

Saint Simons Island Maritime Center
Mr. Curt Smith
Inside the St Simons Maritime Museum
Ollie, The Coastie and me
St. Simons gifts were starting to unfold. Next up was a trip back to the resort to freshen up and then time for a very special coastal dinner in the Solarium with Chef Paula and Chris Baker, Director of Food and Beverage.

My room was so beautiful. Appointed in all navy blues and buttery yellow, it immediately soothed me. The king size bed was whispering to me, but it was time for dinner. And you all know, dinner is going to win every time!

Oceanfront accommodations

In The Solarium, we were greeted again by our lovely host for the trip, Leigh Cort, Bud St. Pierre, Director of Sales and Marketing and Michael Johnson, General Manager. You might think that one in charge of such a stately resort would put on airs, but no. Bud, Michael, Angela, Chris and everyone else associated with the property were the warmest most genuine folks I have ever met. It was my delight to visit with each of them personally during my trip. I promise if you treat yourself to a visit to The King and Prince they will treat you with the same hospitality I so enjoyed.

On to the food! Chef Paula whipped up shrimp and grits in a demonstration as we sipped wine and asked questions. It was also a great time for my fellow writers and I to get to know one another. What started out as 17 strangers, turned into 17 friends before we would leave on Saturday.

The King's Tavern
My place at supper
Dining at The King and Prince Resort
New friends Chuck and Dena, from Tampa
Bud St. Pierre from The King and Prince
Bud, welcoming us all
Director of Food & Beverage at The King and Prince
Chris, Director of Food & Beverage, introducing Chef Paula
Chef Paula Murphy
Chef Paula Murphy. Love that Killer Smile!

Paula answered all our questions, and we had many! The dining room was filled with the most incredible scent as our gracious servers brought around a chopped caprese salad on bread and more wine was poured.

caprese salad
Chopped caprese salad on italian bread with melted mozzarella. Yum!
Can’t you just smell these fresh Georgia shrimp sizzling?
shrimp & grits
It was almost too pretty to dig into. I said almost! lol

Between the entree and the dessert, everyone got up to introduce themselves to the group and reveal their favorite travel destination. It was so much fun learning about my brand new friends.

I was at an advantage, having my friend and fellow Atlantan, Ava Roxanne, from My Skin Concierge on the trip with us. She answered a quiz about the resort and won a stay in the Tabby Cottage! We would later retire to her cottage with some bubbly and giggle the night away. But first, dessert.

And what a dessert it was! Oh my goodness. Promise me you will visit The King and Prince and order this. Peach cobbled topped with Praline Ice Cream. It will make you the happiest person on earth. Seriously. Have I ever lied to you? Of course not. Take a look.

Peach Cobbler
Peach cobbler topped with praline ice cream. You have got to try this!
What’s better than dessert? Sharing with a new friend!
Dining at The King and Prince Resort
Miss Leigh and I dig in!
Join me tomorrow for day 2! I’m hoping you will fall in love with St. Simons as much as I did.

xoxo, Patti

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