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9 Kid-Approved Activities for the Best St. Simons Island Vacation Ever!

Thursday, May 31st, 2018
Summer Vacation on St. Simons Island
Summer vacations on St. Simons Island, GA. Photos provided by guests/previous photo contest winners.

Kids can be our toughest critics. If anyone is willing to tell you something isn’t fun, it’s going to be them. Shoot, sometimes they’ll say they aren’t having fun even when we know darned well they are. Here are several ideas to make sure the next time you pack the family up and head to St. Simons, you have the best trip ever!

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~ Build a Sandcastle ~ 

Or sand angel. Or dig a hole to China. Maybe your little one wants to see how many buckets of water they can run and dump in the sand. Doesn’t matter really what the game is; just bring a bucket, a shovel, and some sunscreen and they’ll be set for hours! If you don’t have room to bring buckets and a shovel in your carry-on, we sell them in our resort shop. If you have room to pack lots of beach toys, check out our list of beach must-haves for kids!


~ Explore the Island’s Bike Paths ~

A paved network of winding bike paths is a great way to get to most anywhere on St. Simons Island and the Live Oak tree canopy makes plenty of shade as you and the fam trek around like locals. Bike rentals are available at Ocean Motion Surf Shop (just around the corner from The King and Prince Resort). Call 912-638-5225 for more information. (Note: The tides on St. Simons Island make for hard sand that allows for biking on the beach. Definitely something unique you can enjoy here and not other beach destinations.)


~ Take a Swing on the Greens~

Depending on age, they may not be quite ready for a full round of 18 but we find our sidekicks are pretty darn content hitting range balls + cruising the golf course with Dad.

[Note, the Hampton Club offers youth camps during the summer. Contact the golf course at 912-634-0255 for details or click here.]


~ Tree Spirit Scavenger Hunt ~

Remember that bike adventure we just talked about? This is a TERRIFIC activity to couple with it! All you need is the map and your camera since you know you’re going to want proof of every Tree Spirit discovered. Tip, start in the Village area at The Golden Isles welcome center (529 Beachview Drive) so you can pick up a map.

Tree Spirits on St. Simons Island, Georgia.
Tree Spirits on St. Simons Island, Georgia.

~ Become a Junior Ranger at Fort Frederica ~

Throughout the year, Fort Frederica offers special events and programs for kids such as the award-winning Junior Ranger program. Also offered is a historical archaeology day-camp during the summer. History is cool + kids have a blast here. Besides, nothing will make you appreciate the size of your home quite like seeing the size of living quarters with a shared fireplace!


~ Swings + Sundaes  ~

It’s important to pause while on vacation to make sure you soak it all in. We recommend grabbing a frontrow seat to the Ocean and ordering a Shipwreck Sundae from ECHO. [At $5, this activity can fit into almost any budget AND you can pretend it’s for the kiddos!]

Ice Cream Sundae at ECHO
Shipwreck Ice Cream Sundae at ECHO on St. Simons Island, GA.


~ Explore the Open Water ~

Every family is a little different but St. Simons Island has options for everyone! From Dolphin Tours with Cap to shrimping aboard The Lady Jane to classy cruises on the String of Pearls to fishing charters with Liquid Assets, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the Golden Isles from the water. Interested in seeing more options? All of our Water Activities can be found here.


~ Climb the Lighthouse ~

It’s not everyday you can  see, climb, and explore a Lighthouse or the Keeper’s Dwellings. Make sure to notice what’s below you as you make your way around at the top. Bonus: You can use your birds eye view of the entire Village including the Neptune Park Fun Zone, miniature golf, and the fishing pier to plan your very next Island adventure!


~ KP Kid Perks ~

Staying at The King and Prince Resort? You and the kiddos will have access to our main pool area which has 2 kiddie pools + a sand pit in addition to our main heated pool. During the Summer, you + the fam can enjoy full pool service from the Sea Shack (think frozen drinks, kid’s menus + more) plus a variety of kids activities throughout the day by the pool deck.


Still want more? If you’re curious to see ALL of the activities our Island has to offer? Click here  for our most comprehensive list broken down by category.

National Parks have been called “America’s Best Idea.”

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

37 National Parks. 37 Junior Ranger badges (bling). Fort Frederica Most Special.

National Parks have been called “America’s Best Idea.”   My family wholeheartedly agrees. 
For the last five years, my wife Kathy and our daughter Whitney have visited 37 National Parks and participated in the Junior Ranger Program.  When you complete a Junior Ranger Program at a a National Park, you get a badge. Our family calls it  “park bling”.
Our journey through America’s National Park System has touched each coast and places in between.  We have visited the  the Lewis Fort Frederica St Simons Islandand Clark National Historical Park on Oregon Coast, the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina and Virginia, the National Mall in Washington, DC., and the Tuskegee Airmen National Park in Alabama.   
But out of all the National Parks we have visited and Junior Ranger Badges we have earned, Fort Frederica National Monument on St. Simons Island had the most impressive living history program.
When my family arrived at the King and Prince Hotel this spring, on top of our itinerary was to visit Fort Frederica.  
To be frankly honest, my 9 year old daughter was a little bit hesitant.  
“I don’t like war!” she declared in the backseat of our car during our short ten minute ride to the park from the hotel.  
Many of the South’s National Parks are connected with the Civil War. And despite its historical significance, my daughter’s recent visit to the Chickamauga and Lookout Mountain Battlefields near Chattanooga, Tennessee were not particularly her favorite parks.
But Fort Frederica was different. Instead of focusing on the brief battles that occurred in Colonial America, the park’s Junior Ranger program brings to life the people who lived there three centuries ago, the settlement and everyday life.  Walking through the park with the Fort Frederica Junior Ranger booklet (it is titled “Open the Door to Explore”) and a bag full of day to day Colonial items, the park turned into a playful scavenger hunt and adventure.
Walking among the ruins of the houses and mossy live oaks, we imagined living in the New World. Life as a child, making simple but important things, such as candles. And homes ranging from brick houses for the wealthy to huts made of palmetto leaves constructed by the poor in the community.
Of all the 37 badges (“bling”) my daughter has earned, Fort Frederica’s Junior Ranger booklet/program has been the most informative
Fort Frederica Junior Ranger Programand imaginative.  For days, my daughter re-lived the visit, talked about life nearly 300 years ago on St. Simons Island, making candles, running around the ancient trees and playing games.
America’s National Parks truly are its “Best Idea.”  And Fort Frederica is one of its best parks. Take that advice from a girl that does not like war, but likes to play, live life to the fullest and has 37 Junior Ranger badges.
Written by Pat Byington, The Green Register