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Choosing Your Wedding Menu

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Ho-hum, limited and unsavory are not the words that come to mind when brides and grooms sample the menu at The King and Prince! Incorporating culinary influences from around the world, Executive Chef Jason Brumfiel is renowned for a diverse menu, prepared with food from locally sourced Georgia farms. Offering everything from Southern, authentic Mexican to Caribbean cuisine, an extensive catering menu satisfies and often challenges engaged couples with its myriad of delectable offerings.

For an example of satisfying but daunting decisions to make, Chef Brumfiel offers an appetizer of a mushroom cap, filled with escargot with shallot wine butter. Then, there’s the seafood crepe drizzled in a champagne cream sauce as another option. And, as if the choices of plated starters weren’t challenging enough, there are even seared scallops, served on a bed of spinach with apple brandy cream sauce.

NOTEWORTHY: Our grits are sourced from a farm in Lakeland, Georgia, where the owners Kevin & Gayla Shaw cultivate all-natural, non-GMO grits. We also offer a variety of other local sourced ingredients, including Georgia shrimp, local beef, honey, and olive oils.

In addition to plated options, we also offer themed buffets, including a low country boil, fresh seafood, Mexican fiesta-inspired dishes, Caribbean, and an American-style barbecue buffet menu. There is truly something to satisfy even the most sophisticated palate!

Review our wedding and celebration menus here!

Learn About Locally-Sourced Ingredients in our Restaurant

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Tapping into the local farms while creating new menus was a no-brainer for our Executive Chef Jason Brumfiel. He understands the importance in providing restaurant patrons with the freshest ingredients while supporting our neighbors. We are excited to be featuring many local farms and seafood markets on the menu at ECHO Oceanside Restaurant and Lounge. Here are some of the names and products you can expect to see featured on our menus.

Sunset Farms of Valdosta, GA has been owned and operated by the Carroll family since 1918. Founder Walter W. Carroll started by selling two sides of beef a week to a local meat market in Valdosta, GA. In 1932, his son James D. Carroll joined him and together they purchased the land where they still sit today. Although the family had long been a supplier of meat to the surrounding areas, it was a sausage recipe created in 1969 that would become the pride of the company. To this day, that same tried and true recipe is still being used to make their famous sausage. Some of their products include; Beef sausage links, fresh ground sausage, boneless ham steaks, Chitlins, Chicken Sausage, bacon and specialty made private label sausages. All of their products are gluten free.


Gayla’s Grits is owned and operated by Kevin & Gayla Shaw of Lakeland, GA. Kevin is a local farmer who produces corn, cotton, peanuts, wheat and olives. The grits were born from an idea they had in 1997 to grind corn into grits for their own consumption and to give as gifts to friends at Christmastime. Today, they produce all-natural grits by growing corn with 100% non-GMO heirloom seeds.


GA Olive FarmsGA Olive Farms began in 2009 when five farmers in Southeast Georgia had a dream of resurrecting olive production in the Southeastern United States. Because of that dream, they are proud to harvest the first olives east of the Mississippi since the 1800’s. 99% of the olive oil used in America is imported and most of the 1% that is produced in the United States is from California but Georgia Olive Farms is proud to be part of that 1%. They are based out of Lakeland, GA and supply some of the freshest olive products on the East Coast. Their olive offerings include: Arbequina & Chef’s Blend olive oils and olive trees.