Exciting Fizzy Fun Cocktail Recipe to Try for Summer!

Fizzy Fun Cocktail Recipes to try this Summer

Nothing says summer like frothy ocean waves and we’ve created a deliciously refreshing and fizzy cocktail recipe to bring those summer vibes directly to your tastebuds in the form of a peach gin fizz.

Learn more about the Spanish history, or skip straight to the ingredients list, or the steps. And be sure to try all of our Flavor of the Month cocktail recipes!

Fizzy Fun Cocktail Recipes
Straight from the bar at ECHO!

Why the Name?

The Spanish originally dubbed the Golden Isles of South Georgia Isla de Ballenas, Spanish for Isle of the Whales, as they would see them breaching the Southern waters.

ECHO’s Flavor of the Month for June is the Isla de Ballenas, but here’s a peek at our recipe so you can serve them all Summer long for your patio parties and BBQs.

Fizzy Fun Cocktail Recipe Ingredients

          • 2 Tbsp peach puree
          • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
          • .5 oz simple syrup
          • 2 oz gin
          • 1 Tbsp heavy cream
          • 1 Egg White
          • Splash of soda water

Fizzy Fun Cocktail Recipe Steps

Shake the juices and simple syrup vigorously and set aside. Shake gin, cream, and egg white until fizzy (about 2 minutes). Top the fizzy portion over the first mixture of juices. Finish with a splash of chilled soda water.

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Fizzy Fun Cocktail Recipe

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