7 Tips for the Unstressed Bride

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The months leading up to your wedding are an exciting time in your life! Not only do you get to start planning the day you’ve been dreaming about for so long, but it’s also an opportunity to spend time and celebrate with family and friends you never get to see.


However, with the immense amount of excitement comes moments of inevitable stress. Planning a wedding is a big undertaking. There are so many moving parts, small details, and time-consuming projects. Though stressful moments may not always be avoidable, there are plenty of things you can do to manage the stress you experience to ensure you feel calm, happy, and healthy on your wedding day!


Increase your water intake

Even when you’re not planning a wedding, staying hydrated is essential. Many of us tend to forget to hydrate because we are constantly drinking coffee, tea, soda, or sugary juice. During increased times of stress and busyness, stay hydrated by drinking at least a half-ounce of water for every pound you weigh. Drinking water has a never-ending list of personal benefits from clear and youthful skin to decreased bloating in your abdominal area. Although this tip may seem small, it can have a significant impact on your overall health and give you that radiant glow you crave for your wedding day.


Break a sweat

Exercise is a tried and true stress-buster. The endorphins released during exercise not only help to reduce stress and increase happiness, but they also help you fall asleep faster and deeper, reducing stress even further. Plus, incorporating a workout routine into your regular schedule will tone muscle and burn fat. Exercise helps you feel good and look good — the ultimate confidence booster!


Want to start a workout routine, but don’t know where to begin? While gym memberships work for some, many prefer the structure and accountability of a group fitness class like high-intensity interval training at a facility like OrangeTheory Fitness. If you don’t want to commit to a specialized fitness class without trying it out first, check Groupon for different classes in your area. Oftentimes, many facilities will provide discounted two-week memberships so you can decide whether or not that type of exercise is suitable for you.


Treat yo’self

Making the time to take care of yourself (during wedding planning and beyond) is always a good idea! It’s true when they say self-care isn’t selfish– you need to fill your cup so you can give your best self to the world!


Consider booking yourself a spa day, massage, or a fresh manicure. If your wedding-budget is on the tighter side, treating yourself can include something as simple as a quiet, relaxing bubble bath or an evening curled up with your favorite drink and a TV show that never fails to make you laugh.


Don’t skip meals!

As a busy bride, you may be tempted to skip meals for a number of reasons. For example, you may feel too busy to meal prep or take a lunch break, or perhaps your daily lunch outing is no longer fitting within your tight wedding budget. However, skipping meals may be doing you more harm than good!


Not only will skipping meals make you feel low-energy and groggy, but it may even lead to opposite outcomes if you’re looking to tone up for your wedding dress. When you skip meals, your body first experiences a decrease in blood sugar, causing that feeling of “brain fog” and the inability to concentrate. Then, your body will naturally turn on “survival mode,” slowing your metabolism while storing extra fat.


To avoid skipping meals, try having multiple small meals throughout the day and plan your meals ahead of time. This will help keep you on track and away from resorting to fast food as your only option. Consider adding an overall wellness-based healthy eating plan such as that from WW to your wedding budget to help you feel good on your big day and provide lasting health long after you say “I do.”


Cut back on caffeine

Drinking caffeine during the day may help you stay focused enough to check off those boxes on your to-do list, but overindulging in coffee, tea, or other caffeinated beverages may hinder your ability to get a good night’s sleep.


While coffee-powered days are sometimes inevitable, try to limit your caffeine intake as much as possible by only drinking it before noon and making an effort to choose water over other beverages.


Learn how to be in the moment

Before you know it, your wedding day will be over in the blink of an eye. Although wedding planning may feel stressful or at times impossible, the most common piece of advice you will receive is to take in as much of the process as possible.


Though it isn’t possible to freeze time, you can make the effort to stop throughout the day just to look around and take it all in. Take in the sights, the faces surrounding you and their expressions, all of the tiny details, and most importantly, try to remember the feelings you felt throughout the day. Being in the moment on your wedding day will not only help you remember the day better, but it will also help to bring you happiness by appreciating the love and happiness surrounding you.


Journaling and practicing meditation in the months leading up to the wedding are both great ways to destress while learning how to be present in the moment.


Loosen the reigns

It’s likely you’ve been daydreaming about your wedding day for a while now, and you have a specific vision in mind for every detail of the day. Though no one knows your vision like you do, consider putting your trust and faith into those around you and ask for help, especially if the size of your to-do list stresses you out.


Delegating tasks between your bridesmaids, parents, and others around you will feel like a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders throughout the planning process.

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