Have You Ever Noticed the Chalk Art at ECHO?

Kelsey, one of the servers at ECHO, has a total knack for chalk art. Seriously. Her talent will make you question your ability to draw! It’s hard to believe that she free-hands everything mainly using regular chalk (and sometimes liquid chalk).  With her attention to detail, each board takes about an average of 8 hours to complete. Check out a sample of the incredible artwork that we get to be in awe of daily:

Let’s start with the basics first. Look how straight those lines are! We all know writing in a straight line is almost impossible. Nope. Not if you’re Kelsey.

Labor Day Menu Art

Straight lines: check. Now let’s add some logos…
Game Day Collage

Lines & logos were a piece of cake. What if we make fancy letters, and maybe really give them some character?
Summertime Menu Art

Fancy letters: got it. Take a look at that bottle, it’s even pouring some cleverly chosen words such as “Family”, “fun”, “sun”, and “trip”. Creativity: on point. Wonder what happens if we try adding decorations and maybe animals? Hold on to your hat.Holiday Collage

Extra fancy letters: skill level = ninja. Animals: done. More drawing….and of course straight writing. Let’s practice our details on a palm tree. Nailed it! Tree details: now added to skill set.
Palm Tree Collage

Let’s see what we can do with those tree skills. Look at the Christmas board. First notice the decorative writing and ornaments and think, “Wow! That’s pretty crafty!”…then start zooming in. Wait, is that another tree? Yep. And with so much detail that it even looks furry!  Douglas Fir: mastered.
Christmas Menu Collage

Let’s circle back to the animals. LOOK AT THAT TURKEY!!! You could seriously animate a cartoon. (But still, note how straight those words are!)Turkey Collage

With so much talent flowing through ECHO, both inside and outside of the kitchen, we wanted to take a minute and give a nod to our resident Queen of Cartoons and Countess of Chalk, Kelsey. Next time you’re in town, drop by and see our latest masterpiece at ECHO. And if you bump into Kelsey while you’re here, make sure you give her a High 5! Unless her hands are chalky, in which case a simple “Good Job” will do.

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