7 Winning Wedding Trends for 2017

First Looks.

We all love to watch the Groom’s face when the Bride walks down the aisle. However, these days  it’s more likely that he’s already seen her. Nowadays more couples are choosing to see each other before the ceremony. Sharing this intimate moment with just themselves and the photographer has become a trend. In addition to saving a special moment for the happy couple only on such a hectic day, they’re also eliminating an extensive photo shoot during their reception. This way, they can enjoy more of the special time with their friends and family.

First Look- photo courtesy of Bobbi Brinkman Photography
First Look- photo courtesy of Bobbi Brinkman Photography


Double Duty Dresses.

2 looks, 1 price tag. Brides can have their cake and eat it too when it comes to their dresses. Rock a princess-esque gown for your ceremony then remove the skirt and voila, you’ve got a form fitting cocktail dress perfect for a magical night of dancing!


Domestic Destination Weddings.

Couples love combining their special day with a trip they’ve been itching to take. Regardless of whether or not the location is a place they’ve never been or a destination that’s special to them, it’s all about the getaway. Everybody gets to take a vacation, and not leaving the country means no last minute passports required! Bonus appeal, 1) nobody has to have out-of-towners staying with them and 2) the destination staff handles the cleanup. (Pssst, The King and Prince Resort is a fantastic domestic destination wedding venue!)

Domestic Destination- photo courtesy of Ben Finch Photography
Domestic Destination- photo courtesy of Ben Finch Photography


Gifts that keep giving.

The average marrying age is increasing. This means couples are needing less and less home items. How many food processors does one couple really need? When 2 adults with 2 full houses wed, the registry is minimized. It’s less about the tangible items and more about the gift of experience. More couples that pay for the wedding themselves are opting to ‘Re-Stock the Piggy Bank’. Some let their guests know about their Honeymoon Fund where you can contribute to their getaway or “gift” the couple an excursion and/or amenity they’ve pre-selected for their Honeymoon Wish List. When neither of these are necessary, or a couple is feeling extra charitable, they ask guests for donations to their favorite charities in lieu of traditional wedding gifts.


Party Games.

We awwwwed. We cried. We ate. We danced. We Jenga’ed? Think outside the box with some entertainment for guests of all ages. What better way to entertain kids (and adults) than by having extra fun games like Giant Jenga. Or even pinatas filled with sweet treats. Fun is fun and fun is good!

Giant Jenga- photo courtesy Brannon Photography
Giant Jenga- photo courtesy of Brannon Photography


It’s more than just a hashtag.

Couples are taking modern technology up a notch and incorporating extras such as geofilters for Snapchat. But in a world of new technology, sometimes it’s fun to throwback to the retro days! On YOUR big day, swap selfie sticks for Polaroid cameas! You’d be surprised at how your pics turn out with just one snap. Shake your photo before you shake it on the dance floor!

Polaroid Snapshot- photo courtesy of @wahwah13
Polaroid Snapshot- photo courtesy of @wahwah13


Extra Sweetness.

Wedding cakes will always be a crucial and delectable highlight of the Main Event. But some couples are cookie people. Or share an affection for cheesecake. Or just wholly into doughnuts. If you’re wanting to get creative with desserts, this is prime time for the happy couple to satisfy a sweet tooth and savor every moment of the Big Day.

Doughnut Tower- photo courtesy of Chris Moncus Photography
Doughnut Tower- photo courtesy of Chris Moncus Photography




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