Wedding Cake Inspiration

The choices when it comes to deciding on a wedding cake are astounding. Your cake can make a statement or be a centerpiece at your reception. Or, perhaps you’d like a cupcake display instead of an actual cake! Here are some of our favorite wedding cakes. We hope they inspire you when you are planning your wedding!


The shabby chic wedding cake. Why we love it: This cake is simple, beautiful and romantic all at the same time!

Shabby Chic Wedding Cake


The Rustic Wedding Cake. Why we love it: This cake proves that imperfections (even on cake) are a beautiful thing.

Rustic Wedding Cake


The Unique Wedding Cake. Why we love it: The great thing about getting married is that you are able to really show off your personality and one of the many ways you can do that is through your wedding cake!

Unique Wedding Cake


Cupcakes. Why we love it: Cupcakes have evolved over the years to a much more gourmet experience. Serving cupcakes instead of cakes means that your guests can have a wide variety of cakes to try and it is a creative twist on a wedding tradition.

Wedding Cupcakes

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