Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Wedding guestbooks have come so far since the days of signing pages in a large book that nobody really looked at after the wedding. The term “guestbook” is used loosely these days to encompass all of the many creative ways you can have your wedding guests sign their names on a keepsake that you will treasure and display in your home. Here are a few of our favorite guestbook ideas for your wedding. For more wedding ideas or to learn about having the wedding of your dreams at The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort, visit our website.

Simple Initials– Purchase a large wooden letter of the initial of your (soon-to-be) last name, paint it and ask your guests to sign it. No matter where you display it, you’ll always look at it and be reminded of that joyous day in your life.

Monogram Letter Guestbook

Rustic Keepsake Box– Create your own rustic keepsake box (or purchase one) and display it at your reception along with blank postcards. Ask your guests two write a message to you on a postcard and place it in the box. On your first anniversary, you can re-live the wedding by reading the postcards together.

Signature Tree/Fingerprint Tree Wall Art– For those of us who are artistically challenged, there are many places on Etsy where you can purchase wall art for your guests to sign. This personalized signature tree is one of our favorites. Another option is to create a fingerprint tree (with the fingerprints as the leaves). Each guest makes a fingerprint for a leaf of the tree which creates a stunningly unique piece of artwork to display in your home.

Tree Guestbook for Wedding













Create a Personalized Guestbook with Photos of the Couple– Use the popular photo site Shutterfly.com to create your personalized guestbook complete with fill in the blanks and lots of space for your guests to write you well wishes!

Rustic Sign– Create your own or purchase a wooden sign-either something personalized or with a quote printed on it. Ask your guests to sign the artwork for you to display in your home!

Wooden Guestbook for Wedding
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