6 Considerations for a Destination Wedding

Wedding Reception Space
The King and Prince Resort offers five different venue spaces, from the formal dining room with ocean views to the oceanfront lawn! Click for a list of our function spaces.

Thinking of having a destination wedding or looking for the perfect location? Here are some tips on what to think about when choosing a wedding venue:

1. Consider a wedding venue with variety.

This includes looking for a variety of different spaces for events, especially if you are hosting multiple events on-site, such as the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, brunch, etc. Also, if guests are staying on-site, look for a resort with a variety of different room types at different price points to ensure guests find a room that fits their needs and budget.

2. Satisfy your inner foodie.

Whether you plan to create a group itinerary or not, choose an oceanfront destination where restaurants and bars abound. This alleviates the need to rent a shuttle for every excursion off the premises, plus an assortment of dining options ensures your guests will find something they love to eat!

 3.   Opt for accessibility.

Hawaii is a favorite oceanfront wedding destination. The only caveat is that many guests may find the long flight, pricier airfare, and time off of work a bit cost prohibitive. Instead opt for a wedding destination within a reasonable driving or flight distance for most invitees. This increases the likelihood that most friends and family will participate in your special day.

4. Check for activities galore.

Even though there’s no written rule that brides and grooms have to serve as activity coordinators for their guests, choosing a location with a variety of activities can be an added bonus for your guests.

 5.  Visit in person.

Another upside to choosing a destination venue within a reasonable distance is that it gives you the opportunity to visit at least once, if not more, when planning your wedding. Everything from seeing the venue and meeting vendors to a trial run for hair and a food tasting is much easier when your venue is relatively close.

 6.  Know the local marriage requirements.

This is true especially if getting married in foreign country, but also true when saying ‘I Do’ in the U.S. Each state differs, so find out what documentation you need to get a marriage license, the waiting period is after you get your license, and where to turn it in after the ceremony.

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