Destination Wedding Etiquette Advice

During the planning process, engaged couples often wonder about destination wedding etiquette. Often the questions come up, Who pays for travel and accommodations for the wedding guests? What about for the wedding party?

Although etiquette rules say you are not responsible for paying for the travel accommodations of your guests or wedding party, there are several considerations that will make travel easier for everyone:

  1. Prior to finalizing the wedding destination, make sure the resort has ample rooms to accommodate your guests.
  2. Evaluate the destination wedding site’s amenities to ensure that there’s adequate activity coverage to entertain your guests before and after the special day. Here at The King and Prince wedding venue, we pride ourselves on offering golf, tennis, massages, swimming pools and ample restaurants and entertainment close by.
  3. Remember to provide your guests with all the details to simplify coordinating their itinerary. Some brides and grooms maintain this information on a website, featuring the destination details (address, website, how to book and other details), car rentals, airport information and so forth.
  4. Note that many wedding destinations offer brides and grooms a discount, predicated on a minimum of room reservations. The discounted room rate generally has an expiration date, allowing hotels, resorts and destination weddings to reserve any remaining rooms.
  5. Whatever you do, give your guests ample time to make travel arrangements if you would like the invitees to be present for your special day. ‘Save the Dates’ are a great way to do this.
  6. Note that air travel rates are more expensive during certain times of the year. In other words, if you’re planning a wedding in the summer or around the holidays, give your guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements.
  7. Finally, consider the tradition of welcome bags. Gift baskets or welcome bags waiting for guests in their rooms can include snacks, area information, pampering products, or themed items representing the location. This thoughtful gesture will show your guests how much you appreciate their presence and acknowledge the effort it took for them to be there for your big day!

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