Top 7 Meeting Planning Apps

Meeting planners have a myriad of applications at their disposal. Try these seven applications that are bound to simplify logistics at your next event!

  1. With the aid of the Teleprompt+ for iPad, everyone at the meeting is an impeccable speaker. Or at least this app will make it seem that way! Compatible with an iPad, the app turns into a remote control from another iOS device, manning speed, scrolling, and pausing. And in the event that the meeting agenda is tight, the application can keep your speakers on schedule.
  2. MobileVenue and the MobilePlanner by QuickMobile streamline just about all the content related to the event. Selecting from 30-different modules, meeting planners have the ability to customize the application according to their corporate conference or agenda. Planners can also load up all content to the application. This includes videos, PowerPoint presentations, floor maps, and speaker profiles. Guests can connect easily with each other and get real-time event updates.
  3. Always know how weather conditions could impact outdoor activities and flights with AccuWeather, available from the iTunes store and Google Play. The application provides real-time weather information from around the world.
  4. Test the meeting venue’s wireless speed and bandwidth with SpeedTest. The application works from any mobile device.
  5. The Evernote organizer serves as a meeting planner’s personal assistant, taking notes on the road. The handy application even captures copies of receipts and other noteworthy documents.
  6.  Bid adieu to renting unnecessary audio equipment for PowerPoint presentations. The PowerPoint Keynote Remote allows you to easily manage slide controls.
  7. is a website and free app featuring maps from around the world, helping meeting planners develop last minute leisure itineraries.


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