Holiday Engagement 2013 Checklist

You’re Engaged, time to start planning!

Ah, you’re engaged. Your holiday engagement played out like a blockbuster, romantic comedy. But, as the excitement and magic of your holiday engagement sets in, there is the looming question: “Where do I start?” If you’re like tons of other couples who enjoyed a holiday engagement, you may soon realize that the world of wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming. Your list of to-do’s will be long, but there are three items to cross off the to-do list as soon as possible: the wedding date, the wedding venue, and the wedding gown.

Once the aforementioned detailed are locked in place, you can fill in the blanks for other wedding planning specifications: a band, type of ceremony, flowers, bridesmaid’s dresses, and other details.

To get your holiday engagement off to a positive start, here are a few tips on planning:

– Decide on a budget and stick to it!

– Whatever you do, don’t defer booking the wedding venue or wedding destination. Most popular places book up early or have waiting lists, some as long as a year or more. Selecting a wedding venue can be a daunting process for many brides and grooms. Compare rates based on the banquet hall per person minimums, set up fees, and food options.

– If you’re selecting a popular wedding destination and you want to host your special day sooner than later, consider the off peak season. Besides, you’ll most likely save on the wedding venue and vendors as well.

– Location, location, location. If you’re planning on inviting family and friends, consider a wedding destination where driving is accessible and the location has plenty lodging accommodations for your guest list.

– Consider using a wedding checklist (such as The Knot’s free wedding planning checklist) and investing in a wedding planning book with a calendar and pockets to store magazine clippings, business cards, vendor brochures, and more!

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Congratulations on your holiday engagement from The King and Prince!
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