Why Choose a Wedding Planner?

Oceanfront wedding venue
An oceanfront reception at The King and Prince Resort, St. Simons Island.

What’s the relevancy of a wedding planner? Are destination weddings easier to plan without a wedding coordinator? Whether you are hiring a wedding planner or not, read on for advice provided by real wedding planners.

What purpose does a wedding planner serve? Many wedding planners offer differ levels of services, depending on the needs of the bride and groom. These can include event design, full service planning, day of event coordination, and a la carte services.

Couples who are too busy or planning a very elaborate affair generally call for the services of a full service wedding planner. This includes hiring vendors, the design of the ceremony and reception space, transportation, and more – the full service wedding planner manages every single detail.

A la carte, event design, and day of event coordination reflect the various phases and responsibilities that a wedding planner provides.

“Everyone can have a wedding at a hotel, but what makes it unique is personalizing it…” says Mindy Weiss, a full service event planner catering to high profile clientele in LA.

How can a wedding planner help with budget? A trusted wedding planner can help you decide what details are a must for your big day and which can be spared to save money. In Martha Stewart Weddings online magazine, wedding designer Pamela Fishman Cianci shares that line items such as a band, flowers, and monogrammed cocktail napkins are not a requirement, but rather an area to cut the budget. Instead, hire a DJ and replace flowers with candles to cut costs!

Should you choose a local wedding planner? When planning a destination wedding, an event planner simplifies the coordination of small and grand details, and a local wedding planner will know the area better than anyone. Wendy Jacobs Hampton of Telluride Soiree advises, “When you work locally, your planner will have key relationships with vendors who will work harder knowing that it is not a one-shot event.” Wedding planners can often negotiate lower prices, which is another bonus to hiring a planner rather than contacting vendors yourself.

TIP: Most destination weddings do not provide wedding planning services, but should be able to accommodate brides and grooms with a list of local vendors. Check with your venue for recommendations!


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