How the Latest Trends Complement Wedding Destinations

The latest trends in weddings illustrate how, when and where to plan the big event, and other useful details.

Wedding Venue

The US Bureau of Statistics found that December through April are not as popular for weddings compared to other times of the year, accounting for only 6 to 7 percent of nuptials.  Meanwhile, from June to September, a higher percentage of weddings take place.

The King and Prince Oceanfront Lawn
Destination weddings eliminate the hassle of running from the ceremony, reception and off to the honeymoon.

Deal seekers can offset wedding expenses by planning nuptials at wedding destinations during the off-peak season, when hotel properties are not as busy or can offer more flexibility.

Saturdays tend to be the most popular day for weddings, but many venues offer lower prices during the week. Talk to potential venues about your options for day of the week.


The average spends for wedding transportation, across the nation in 2012, was $708 for limousine service.

In another country, cost and reliability involved in coordinating wedding transportation can be too uncertain to risk. Brides and grooms have a better chance at coordinating unique transportation details  at a US  island  wedding destination versus an international island, where the couple maybe out of their comfort zone.


Many brides and grooms learn that a wedding at an international destination often limits the guest list or prevents some from attending the special day.

Destination weddings in St. Simons have been a growing trend among residents of Florida and Georgia. Wedding destinations on St. Simons Island appeal to many brides and grooms for a number of reasons.  You can read more about this destination wedding location here.

Wedding Destination

Approximately $20 to 26K is the average amount spent for a wedding in 2012.

To stretch the wedding budget to the max, a wedding destination combines three purposes in one venue: ceremony, reception, and honeymoon into one destination.

And with statistics showing a dwindling number of couples tying the knot at a place of worship, destination weddings can eliminate those extra details. Not to mention, it gives your guests a chance to vacation, too! Choosing a resort as your venue can provide a slew of attractions and convenient location for friends and family to partake in your special day.

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