Bridal Confession: Why I Choose a Destination Wedding

One bride’s point of view on the benefits of a destination wedding…

I knew that I had to plan a destination wedding. It all started with my husband’s family’s obsession with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. They envisioned our most important day on a farm in Nebraska, designed in the colors of the college football team.

When different members of the family started emailing us photos of various red and white colored barns, I knew that a destination wedding was my only way out of their Husker fantasy nuptial.

Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, my family would never agree to a wedding to a Husker themed wedding…we had to be in neutral territory.

So, that’s when my fiance and I decided on a wedding destination.

Because my parents were financing our wedding and being from two different religions, we did not want have to choose one over the other. A destination wedding  would make the most sense. Besides, we did not want to evoke discord between our families’ about a church ceremony.

Our destination plans also served as another  convenient way to weed out our ever growing guest list. Between our family requests, friends and colleagues, we were up to 400+ people.

We knew we had to escape the drama of both our families, if our special day was going to play out without any conflicts.  Approaching our wedding plans  as if we were scouting a film for a movie, we wanted our destination wedding to take place somewhere, foreign and exotic from our usual surroundings. As we compared wedding destinations in other countries, we were pruning our guest list to 150 people.

At first, we contemplated a destination wedding in Florence, Italy. But, then we realized that we’d excluding many family members. Then, we considered Cozumel. But, that was still too far to expect 150 guests to board an international flight.

That’s when we decided on an oceanfront wedding right here in the United States. It was “beachy” enough to feel like we were someplace special without boarding an international flight. Choosing a location situated with a front row view of the Atlantic Coast that could host our ceremony, reception and honeymoon proved to be the perfect decision for us!

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the location for your wedding, but nothing beats an ocean view!

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