How to Plan a Corporate Event

When choosing a meeting venue, paying close attention to the small details is critical. Asking specific questions when researching a venue and proper budgeting are central to planning a successful conference, expo or other type of business group meeting. Keep reading for tips on corporate meeting planning, plus questions you should ask when selecting a conference or business meeting venue.

Does the meeting venue accommodate the business and travel necessities interests of your group?

From the location of the venue, surrounding activities, free shuttle service to high-speed Internet service, certain amenities may become a haunting detail, if your guests are discontent. Prior to choosing a hotel venue, investigate if there are any activities in close proximity, such as shopping, golfing, tourist attractions. Meeting venues with these amenities simplify your job, in terms of satisfying a variety of interests and pastimes. If you’re choosing a meeting venue and most of the attendants play golf, make sure there’s a golf course nearby.

What is the venue’s Internet connectivity? Is the Internet speed reliable enough to run a seamless presentation?

A business center and peppy Internet connectivity represent the rudimentary requirements of most conferences and business meetings today.

A spokesperson of admits to testing connectivity and even arriving armed with her own WiFi port to accommodate up to 200 attendants.

Is every item in the budget accounted for?

Budgeting tends to be a meeting planner’s most critical responsibility. But given the varying terms of each meeting venue, sometimes these budgeting intricacies prove unruly to track, especially when attendants RSVP at the last moment.
Some hotel properties write contracts for meetings and conferences, offering discounts predicated on a guaranteed number of occupants. Prior to finalizing the details, be sure to evaluate how much the budget may change if the estimations are off.

Also, consider meeting venues where the hotel offers to accommodate 5 percent over your guaranteed number of guests. For instance, The King and Prince Resort provides this flexible contingency for meetings and groups.

Are all vendor costs itemized in the budget?

From additional administrative support, chauffeured services to AV technicians, be sure to account for every vendor cost into the budget. One meeting planner exceeded a strict budget by 10 percent, after forgetting to factor in the AV technician’s minimum rate requirement. (Note that some meeting venue properties charge extra for AV technicians).

Does the meeting venue have any food and beverage restrictions?

Note that all hotels, banquet halls, and meeting venues have to abide by state laws. In other words, if a state has legislation on purchasing alcohol before a certain time of day, the meeting venue has to observe that law. When reviewing the agenda, make sure cocktail and social times concur with local drinking statutes.

Is every detail in writing?

Obtain every detail in writing. Once the hotel contract is signed, be sure to request any changes in the contract in writing to avoid any miscommunications and snafus.

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