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Get On The Bus To The 2013 Georgia/Florida Game!

Friday, September 27th, 2013

With the excitement of the 2013 Georgia vs. Florida Football Game just weeks away, we here at The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort know that traffic can be a drag. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we will be providing transportation to and from the big game this year. Guests are invited to travel in comfort on one of our four motor coaches without the worry of navigating annoying big-game traffic or arranging for designated drivers. The King and Prince has you covered!

We will provide you with a delicious boxed lunch on the bus along with assorted mixers for the ride down. In Jacksonville, enjoy the famous “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party!”

Have a great time at the party and the GA/FL Game this year without the worry of arranging designated drivers or hiring cabs with the knowledge that, with the King and Prince, you have a safe ride to and from the game. Not a guest of The King and Prince? Not a problem! You’re invited to the party too.

Bus tickets are $95 per person.

Please fill out the form below and fax it to the resort at the number listed or call the resort at 1-800-342-0212 for more information.


*The King and Prince reminds you to drink responsibly*

Georgia Florida Bus Form

Wedding Venue Notes: Staging a Fun Reception

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Whether you choose a destination wedding or a venue close to home, it’s what you plan at the wedding venue that makes it memorable. Creating a fun and unique experience is all in the details! Refer to these unique wedding ideas for your big day!

Indelible Details

Wedding destinations with a view of an ocean, mountain or other scenic view feature the ultimate outdoor milieu for a picturesque wedding reception. Some wedding planners also recommend incorporating personal interests into your wedding reception decor.

Starfish Wedding Cake

For example, when Paul and Linda planned their destination wedding in St. Simons Island in Georgia, they commissioned their wedding planner to integrate tennis rackets in their wedding reception theme.

One of the reality stars of the Real Housewives of Orange County swayed her guests with a unique slice of wedding cake. The wedding cake was rigged to stand suspended from the ceiling!


Entertainment Extraordinaire

If you are having an intimate gathering, this offers the latitude to get creative with the music. Choose a music genre and dance style for the party. Consider two stepping to country music, waltzing to classical music, or doing the Irish jib to Celtic music.

With a small group you can easily hire a choreographer to lead everyone in a uniformed dance style.

Oh it’s magical: For the couple, who believes that their love was built on magic, perhaps a magician symbolizes your love and serves as an alternative form of entertainment.

Flick flashback: What entertainment suits the group who’s never met before and could care less about dancing? Project a video of the bride and grooms best and worst moments captured on film. (Note that some wedding venues provide this service via an audio and visual (AV) department.)

Guest participation: Circulate an iPad or other mobile device at the wedding reception for all of your guests to record a congratulatory message. Some of the best unique wedding ideas for small weddings involve guest participation.

Prior to the wedding party, a unique couple, Jodena and Matt, hosted a small and intimate wedding reception. To capture their friends and family in a different kind of group photo, the bride and groom posed their 18 guests in fake mustaches.

Consider a similar photo concept with your guests for a unique wedding ideas for a small wedding, only using wigs, baseball caps, sunglasses and other smart disguise. Or, create life-size cardboard cutouts of the couple so guests can take photos with the ‘bride and groom.’


Guest Memorabilia

Another added advantage to the small wedding party is the ability to spend more on your guest’s gift bags. For instance, some online companies personalize wedding gift bags.

If guests are traveling from out of town, some wedding experts recommend pampering guests with an out of town box filled with personal goodies (i.e. soap, lotion, water, snacks). Editors of RealSimple Magazine recommend creative gift bag ideas, such as succulents, wrapped with a personal note or a personalized flash drive with a thank you note.

Final note: Prior to getting carried away with any unique wedding idea for your wedding, always check with your wedding planner and wedding venue to  assure that your plans will go off without a hitch.

How to Plan a Corporate Event

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

When choosing a meeting venue, paying close attention to the small details is critical. Asking specific questions when researching a venue and proper budgeting are central to planning a successful conference, expo or other type of business group meeting. Keep reading for tips on corporate meeting planning, plus questions you should ask when selecting a conference or business meeting venue.

Does the meeting venue accommodate the business and travel necessities interests of your group?

From the location of the venue, surrounding activities, free shuttle service to high-speed Internet service, certain amenities may become a haunting detail, if your guests are discontent. Prior to choosing a hotel venue, investigate if there are any activities in close proximity, such as shopping, golfing, tourist attractions. Meeting venues with these amenities simplify your job, in terms of satisfying a variety of interests and pastimes. If you’re choosing a meeting venue and most of the attendants play golf, make sure there’s a golf course nearby.

What is the venue’s Internet connectivity? Is the Internet speed reliable enough to run a seamless presentation?

A business center and peppy Internet connectivity represent the rudimentary requirements of most conferences and business meetings today.

A spokesperson of admits to testing connectivity and even arriving armed with her own WiFi port to accommodate up to 200 attendants.

Is every item in the budget accounted for?

Budgeting tends to be a meeting planner’s most critical responsibility. But given the varying terms of each meeting venue, sometimes these budgeting intricacies prove unruly to track, especially when attendants RSVP at the last moment.
Some hotel properties write contracts for meetings and conferences, offering discounts predicated on a guaranteed number of occupants. Prior to finalizing the details, be sure to evaluate how much the budget may change if the estimations are off.

Also, consider meeting venues where the hotel offers to accommodate 5 percent over your guaranteed number of guests. For instance, The King and Prince Resort provides this flexible contingency for meetings and groups.

Are all vendor costs itemized in the budget?

From additional administrative support, chauffeured services to AV technicians, be sure to account for every vendor cost into the budget. One meeting planner exceeded a strict budget by 10 percent, after forgetting to factor in the AV technician’s minimum rate requirement. (Note that some meeting venue properties charge extra for AV technicians).

Does the meeting venue have any food and beverage restrictions?

Note that all hotels, banquet halls, and meeting venues have to abide by state laws. In other words, if a state has legislation on purchasing alcohol before a certain time of day, the meeting venue has to observe that law. When reviewing the agenda, make sure cocktail and social times concur with local drinking statutes.

Is every detail in writing?

Obtain every detail in writing. Once the hotel contract is signed, be sure to request any changes in the contract in writing to avoid any miscommunications and snafus.

For information on meeting venues near Florida or Georgia, explore our meeting package.

Questions to Ask Before Booking a Wedding Venue

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

It’s all in the details. When it comes to planning the creation of memories and magic, due diligence pays, starting with precise information about the wedding venue or wedding destination. Good planning skirts unforeseen scenarios, so making note of pertinent details is key. Here are questions to consider when booking a wedding or reception venue:

Does the wedding venue offer a variety of options (ball rooms and banquet halls) for the specific number of guests you need?
Most resorts, luxury hotels, and wedding destinations designate various spaces and ballrooms for specific segments of the nuptials. For instance, one room may accommodate the wedding ceremony and not the reception hall or both. Or, one ballroom will be used for a buffet versus a plated dinner.

Maxim: Consider a destination wedding, which may offer the greatest flexibility or variety of spaces. Also confirm event space, date and hours of availability, occupancy, and dining specifications.

What are the resorts or wedding destination’s audio guideline?
If you’re planning to book your favorite band to jam at a your wedding reception, be sure to inquire about the wedding venue’s audio guidelines.

Are booked bands allowed to bring in outside equipment microphones, speakers, and amplifiers?
Can the band set up their own equipment or does the resort have an internal engineer that must set up the sound system? Is the audio system set up cost extra?

A wedding consultant out of St. Simons, Georgia advices, “If you plan to use a stage, dance floor or other equipment, inquire how the additions will or will not affect table space for your guests.”

What does the hotel property, banquet hall, or resort include in wedding venue flat fee?
Compare which services are included in the rental rate. Some wedding destinations charge a flat fee, with add-ons for certain services and rentals (for example: chair covers, butler service, set up, etc.).

Does the wedding destination resort discount any lodging accommodations for your guests?
Most wedding venues will block off a set number of rooms, offering a discount. However, the reservations must be made by a cutoff date usually several months prior to the date of the event.

Additional questions to ask before reserving a wedding venue:

>> Does the wedding venue property provide parking for wedding guests? How does it work?

>> How many blocks of rooms can you reserve for your family and friends attending your wedding destination?

>> What is the banquet hall, wedding venue or wedding destination’s policy for the rehearsal dinner?

>> What is the charge for hiring additional wait-staff or a bartender?

>> What is the minimum advanced deposit for the reception and food?

Summer 2013: Guest Photos Of St. Simons Island

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Sailboat St. Simons\

Ocean view



St Simons Beach


Family Beach Resort


Palm Trees St Simons Island



Boy Wearing Prince Crown


Family Friendly Resort

Redfern Village, Shopper’s Paradise on St. Simons Island

Friday, September 6th, 2013
Tibi St. Simons Island
Tibi Outlet Store on St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island is known for its picturesque beaches and championship golf courses but did you know that the island is also home to great shopping?

Redfern Village is located right off of Frederica Road and is a quick drive (or a short bike ride) from our resort. Whether you are purchasing a gift for a friend, looking for the perfect outfit for a night out, or just want to treat yourself to something nice, Redfern Village has it all.

Moncriefs – Women’s Clothing

Two Friends – Gifts, Clothing, Accessories and more

Wild & Personal – Clothing Boutique

Viola’s Market – Gifts, Clothing, Kitchen Items, Accessories and more

The Vine – Garden Market & Design Studio

Tibi Outlet Store – Women’s Clothing

Davis Love III’s, Paddle & Putt – Stand Up Paddleboards & Gear

Wine Body & Soul – Wine Shop

The Queen Bee – Jewelry & Accessories

Cutie Patooties – Children’s Shop

Learn more about other St. Simons shopping areas here!

Wedding Etiquette Cheat Sheet

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Certain wedding etiquette and traditions never go out of style. Although you’re planning one of the biggest days of your life, some rules cannot be broken. From wedding donations, the rehearsal dinner to the wedding destination, refer to this cheat sheet on wedding etiquette traditions to not overlook.

Wedding Invitations
As soon as the wedding venue is booked, send invitations to allow for adequate planning and so that loved ones can attend your special day. The appropriate time to send wedding invitations depends on where the ceremony and reception are taking place.

Mail wedding invitations for local weddings within three months and no fewer than eight weeks prior to the date of the event. Because wedding destinations call for additional planning (flight and hotel reservations), give guests at least a five-month’s notice to coordinate flight and hotel arrangements.

Guest List
For some wedding parties, coordinating the guest list can become a contentious situation. To quell any unruly guest disputes with the family, select a wedding destination. This way you can keep your guest list intimate, the wedding reception budget lean or at least alleviate the need to invite any unwanted parties.

Wedding Gifts
Wedding etiquette says that it is inappropriate to write in the invitation that you would prefer not to receive gifts. Instead, have family and wedding attendants get the word out.

Also, if you plan to accept cash donations only, it is acceptable wedding etiquette to mention these details of your charity registry (on a separate card), included with the wedding invitation.

Sites, such as can expedite wedding guest donations. Some of these services administer the charity registry and coordinate a tax deduction for the contributors.

Rehearsal Dinner
If your bridal party includes more than a bridesmaid and best man, plan a rehearsal dinner with the groomsmen, bridesmaids, ring bearer and other members of the wedding party.

Bridesmaids Gifts
Brides normally dole out bridesmaid gifts during or after the rehearsal dinner. Show appreciation to your maid of honor and bridesmaids for participating in your special day with a gift. Jewelry, accessories, gift cards, and handpicked personalized items make the best bridesmaid gifts and can usually be purchased for less than $100 per person.

Receiving Line
Between the wedding ceremony, the photographs and the wedding reception, sometimes there’s not enough time to squeeze in the receiving line. Instead, visit with each table of guests during the wedding reception to thank them for sharing your special day.

Tossed Wedding Goods
The garter belt toss and bridal bouquet toss are wedding traditions, chronicling Medieval times.

Victorian wedding guests would allegedly snatch and tug on the bride’s attire to bring her good luck. In many cases, she’d remove stockings and toss to evade the clawing crowd. Today, the wedding tradition continues, fortunately the groom manages the bride and her garter belt with care.

Legend has it that the Victorian bride used to pass on the bouquet to a friend to keep her safe and away from evil.

Maxim: Your wedding party may expect you to follow these quirky, Victorian wedding traditions.

Giveaway Bag or Favor
At the conclusion of the ending, guests normally receive a gift for attending the special day. From candy to a bottle of wine with day of the event, the giveaway gift need not be extravagant, but rather a keepsake for a momentous occasion.

A final note of wedding etiquette:  the ‘Thank You’ card
Although there are many differences of opinion on how long you can wait to send out your Thank You notes, Emily Post disagrees with the one year grace period and insists all should go out within three months. Even if a year is acceptable, why wait to thank someone for honoring you with a gift and sharing in your special day?

Have a question about wedding etiquette or traditions? Ask it here!