A Few Simply Elegant, Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Simplicity and elegance eclipse the most elaborate, wedding centerpiece ideas. While guests might be magnetized by the grand elements and details of a wedding centerpiece, they’ll appreciate having space for their wine glass and plate. Besides, there’s no written rule that wedding centerpieces exude any more than simple, elegance.With all the decisions a bride has to make, here’s how and why simplicity rules.

Note that the wedding centerpiece ideas of a round table and a rectangle one call for specific space requirements. For the rectangle seating, space small wedding centerpieces between every other person. One center display is adequate for the round table. (So, consider how much space your guests will have to eat, and drink without the table being too crowded).

Next, choose a wedding theme or select similar elements to spark the design of your wedding centerpiece ideas. For instance, candles, flowers, glass materials and wine make for a classic wedding centerpiece.

***Note that many resorts and wedding destinations include accessories such as candles, votives, vases, chair covers, etc. within the cost of the wedding venue rental or can provide them at an additional fee.

Select a floral bouquet that is symbolic of you and your grooms love for one another. Otherwise, opt for the practical route, selecting flowers with the most enduring vase life to withstand the wedding ceremony and reception. For a simple yet stunning wedding centerpiece idea, consider exotic floral arrangements or beach-themed if you are choosing a coastal wedding destination.

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