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“A New Twist” for your Georgia Destination Wedding

Friday, August 31st, 2012

How about a new twist for your Georgia destination wedding? Shake it up a bit at the King and Prince with a tasting of Vinny’s vintage cocktails! Food and Beverage Director Vinny d’Agostino has created quite a stir with locals at the hotel bar by bringing back classic cocktails such as the Aviation, Bees Knees, Pink Lady and Tom Collins. To create a special event, invite your guests to a tasting party onsite. You’ll sample several artisanal gins punctuated with juniper and other botanicals, then learn to make tasty cocktails under Vinny’s supervision. No more boring gin and tonics for you! Your guests will love learning a little history and then experimenting with new flavors to try out on their friends back home. For the perfect setting, try the King’s Tavern with a glorious view of the Atlantic. For details contact Food and Beverage Director Vinny d’Agostino.

Vinny D’Agostino, Food & Beverage Director

Great idea for entertaining guests at your Georgia destination wedding.   Shake it up with some of Vinny’s vintage cocktails at the King and Prince.

Tie the Knot!

Monday, August 27th, 2012
Fisherman's Knot for wedding

Source: via Erin on Pinterest


Here’s a Georgia beach wedding idea:  Tie a fisherman’s knot with the one you love.  According to Erin Henson on Pinterest, it’s the strongest kind of knot:   the rope will break before the knot does and pressure only makes it stronger.  Another fun fact – it’s easy to tie with  cold, wet hands (just in case someone’s got a case of the last-minute jitters)!

A Biker’s Delight

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Martha Stewart Bicycle IdeaLove this Martha Stewart idea:  “Just Married” flags for your bicycle!  With 12 miles of trails up and down the island, a quick bike ride is the perfect way to de-stress, and discover the “other” St. Simons:  tidal marsh, towering live oaks, whispering Spanish moss.  We’re more than just a pretty beach, baby!  And for your perfect destination wedding resort, look no further than the King and Prince, located in the heart of it all!

For more Martha Stewart inspirations, click here.

Do you have other resort wedding ideas?  Do tell!

Happy cycling (but don’t spin your wheels),   Nancy Krabill

Destination Weddings at The King and Prince

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Nancy Krabill at Taste of Glynn

Plan your St. Simons Island wedding at the King and Prince Resort, and begin your own love affair with this place that will call you home time and time again.   Talk to visitors and you’ll hear the mantra, steady as the sea breezes playing on the coast:  “I’ve been coming here for years,” “My parents honeymooned here and now it’s my turn,”  “We came as wedding guests and stayed on for the rest of the week…”

I’m Nancy Krabill, a local with my own trove of King and Prince memories, but more about that later. For the next few weeks, I’ll be sending you real-time blasts that only an insider can share with brides-to-be considering their all-important wedding resort venue.  After all, the destination itself is a key star in your wedding event.  You’ll want one that needs no rehearsal: not just another pretty backdrop but one with a real sense of place, time and culture.

If this beach in Georgia sounds just peachy to you, come back here for a visit as we explore the history and charm not only of the resort, but also of its surroundings, cuisine, local characters, outdoor activities, and of course, shopping opportunities.

Warmest regards – Nancy

The Lady Jane Shrimp Boat – A Golden Isles Adventure

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Sucheta Rawal of Go Eat Give visited The King and Prince recently and had a great time aboard The Lady Jane, as written in her article, “Catching a Shark in Georgia.”

Shrimpin' Aboard The Lady Jane

Shrimping is a fun activity for the entire family and I recommend you try it at least once. It’s not just about catching the shrimp, but learning about how a food you enjoy every day makes its way from the ocean’s floor on to your plate. And who knows, you may get to see a surprise visitor too!

Read more of Sucheta’s story and see her pictures of “Shrimpin'” in action here.

Not Your Ordinary Gin Tasting

Friday, August 17th, 2012

 Ready for our very first GIN tasting! 

 Join The King and Prince, and Quality Wine and Spirits for our first GIN tasting. We will be featuring 5 different styles of Gin from small batch artisan to Old Tom and maybe even a Gin liqueur. First you will try each Gin by itself and then you will taste how the Gin can be mixed to make a great cocktail.  There will also be a nice spread of The King and Prince’s fantastic menu items

All inclusive just $20.00.

 Thursday, August23rd, 2012
6:00 pm-7:30pm

RSVP 912-638-8614 or email 



A Local Literary Legend

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

The Travel Belles have posted a lovely blog about Eugenia Price – a historical fiction author who lived nearly half her life on St. Simons Island. She wrote a series of novels based on historical events on the island as well.  It all started with a side trip:

A 1961 book-signing tour with her friend Joyce Blackburn proved that a turning point can be both literal and figurative. At a road junction on the Georgia coast the women were intrigued by a nearby island they saw on a map. On a whim they turned off to investigate. The four-mile drive over the bridge to Saint Simons Island was to change their lives forever.

For the entire article, please click here.   Also be sure to follow the Travel Belles’ fun blog, “for women who know getting out of town is a beautiful thing”.


Eugenia Price: The Writer who put Saint Simons Island on the Map USA saint simons island Georgia