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Shrimp & Grits Festival on Jekyll Island, Georgia 2011

Monday, September 26th, 2011

The King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort participated for the very first time in the Shrimp and Grits Festival on Jekyll Island. The event was three days long from September 16th to 18th and began with a $3 sample night on Friday. Live music continued all 3 days with arts and crafts vendors as well. There were thousands of people who attended, it was kid friendly and had a great vibe. The festival is held at a perfect time of year and is located on the gorgeous, historical grounds of Jekyll Island. The King and Prince served up Shrimp & Grits in a Tasso Cream Sauce all weekend long and it was fabulous! We were thrilled that our recipe was liked by all and are looking forward to serving it in our restaurant in the near future. Our Food and Beverage Director, Vinny D’Agostino and Executive Chef, Robyn Gomez are very excited about entering the cooking competition next year and hope to see you there. Want to try our Tasso Cream Shimp & Grits at home?  Here’s the Recipe for this amazing dish.

Creative Wedding Cakes

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Looking for a creative cake style and flavor for your wedding reception? This article appeared in the Brunswick News and gives a variety of wedding cake flavor ideas and ways to incorporate a couple’s special moment in their lives through cake design and taste.

Couples can incorporate a variety of flavors and styles into cakes

By: Metro Creative Graphics

A tiered wedding cake is often a fitting conclusion to a wedding reception.  Today’s brides and grooms are experimenting with cake flavors and designs so their cake is a unique representation of their persona as a couple.

It’s no longer necessary to stick with a white cake with buttercream frosting for your wedding day.  Think about exploring other flavor and filling combinations that will tempt the guests’ taste buds. For those who can’t settle on just one flavor, how about having a different flavor for each layer?

        Tropical Wedding CakeBeach Wedding CakeRomantic Wedding CakeIvory Classic Wedding Cake

Couples getting married in the fall may want to think about a spice cake that evokes the feelings of sipping a mug of spiced cider.  Cream cheese frosting is often a pairing with spice cake, or think about a layer of caramel that will make it taste like you’re enjoying a candied Halloween apple.

A hummingbird cake may fit the bill for a spring wedding.  This is made with mashed bananas, pineapples and chopped becans.  This cake is perfect when paired with cream cheese frosting.

Yellow or white cake are universal favorites for weddings.  Some pizzazz can be added through the use of creative fillings.  Consider something citrusy and summery for a summer wedding.  Raspberry preserves or lemon curd are tart and sweet.  For a tropical flair, mangoes or passion fruit can be mixed with touches of coconut.

  Red and White Wedding CakeWinter Wedding CakeBlack and White Wedding CakeChocolate Swirl Wedding Cake

A winter wedding can be accented with rich flavors, like a decadent chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and black cherries–in a black forest style. Those toasting to the good life may want an almond cake enhanced with some fine liqueur and simple chocolate buttercream.

Couples should sit down with their baker and sample a number of flavor combinations to determine a recipe that workds for htem.  Pastry companies also may be able to develop a cake that encompasses a couple’s favorite flavors or symbolizes a special moment in their lives.  A Boston Cream Pie-inspired cake may liven up the wedding of a couple who became engaged in Boston.  Maybe a cannoli cream filled cake will usher in memories of a trip to Italy.  Kids at heard can enjoy candy confection cakes filled with gooey chocolate, nuts and marshmallows.

Whatever the case, couples can use their cake as a centerpiece that wows the senses of taste as well as vision. Consider displaying this culinary masterpiece on a table with the seating cards placed around it so that it can be enjoyed the entire night.

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