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“A New Twist” for your Georgia Destination Wedding

Friday, August 31st, 2012

How about a new twist for your Georgia destination wedding? Shake it up a bit at the King and Prince with a tasting of Vinny’s vintage cocktails! Food and Beverage Director Vinny d’Agostino has created quite a stir with locals at the hotel bar by bringing back classic cocktails such as the Aviation, Bees Knees, Pink Lady and Tom Collins. To create a special event, invite your guests to a tasting party onsite. You’ll sample several artisanal gins punctuated with juniper and other botanicals, then learn to make tasty cocktails under Vinny’s supervision. No more boring gin and tonics for you! Your guests will love learning a little history and then experimenting with new flavors to try out on their friends back home. For the perfect setting, try the King’s Tavern with a glorious view of the Atlantic. For details contact Food and Beverage Director Vinny d’Agostino.

Vinny D’Agostino, Food & Beverage Director

Great idea for entertaining guests at your Georgia destination wedding.   Shake it up with some of Vinny’s vintage cocktails at the King and Prince.

A Biker’s Delight

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Martha Stewart Bicycle IdeaLove this Martha Stewart idea:  ”Just Married” flags for your bicycle!  With 12 miles of trails up and down the island, a quick bike ride is the perfect way to de-stress, and discover the “other” St. Simons:  tidal marsh, towering live oaks, whispering Spanish moss.  We’re more than just a pretty beach, baby!  And for your perfect destination wedding resort, look no further than the King and Prince, located in the heart of it all!

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Do you have other resort wedding ideas?  Do tell!

Happy cycling (but don’t spin your wheels),   Nancy Krabill